Emily Dorn


Emily Dorn as Susanna, Le Nozze di FIgaro​, Semperoper Dresden

"Schwalb’s daughter Regina was played by Emily Dorn who sang beautifully throughout and was able to provide suitably anguished expression"

- Seenandheard-international.com, 10.5.2016

"Eine wesentlich sanftere Frau von Adel stellte Emily Dorn mit ihrer ansprechenden Sopranstimme dar, jung anmutig und glaubhaft als begehrte junge Baronin Freimann incognito...".

​- Deropernfreund.de, 10.10.2015

"bei Susannas „Rosenarie“ der Fall, wo die Sopranstimme von Emily Dorn gefühlvoll als „liebende Seele“ eine Symbiose mit dem Orchester einging, die bei Mozarts Musik und speziell bei dieser Arie „in der Luft liegt“​. " 

​- Der-neue-merker.eu, 20.06.2015

"Canadian soprano Emily Dorn provides the romance of youthful hope. Dorn is an enchanting Mimi overcoming the contradiction of a robust operatic voice portraying a demure female character. "

- Albuquerque Journal,  03.23.15

"Emily Dorn ... gefällt als Micàela mit lyrischem glockenreinen Sopran, strahlender Höhe und durchaus kokettem Spiel. Ihre große Arie im dritten Akt singt sie innig und empathisch. Für die junge Sopranistin ist diese Premiere ein Riesenerfolg, der auch vom Publikum lautstark honoriert wird."

- Opernnetz.de, 09.28.13

"Emily Dorn as the servant Barce ... sang it for all it was worth and her silvery lyric delivery was enchanting. "

- Opera Today, 06.20.13

"Dorn proved herself to be superlative card-carrying Violetta. Her lyrical soprano was solid and flexible throughout an impressive range, and fit the bill perfectly, resulting in an engaging singing-acting performance."

- Virginia Gazette, 05.01.13

"Juliet was sung by young soprano Emily Dorn, who brought to the role a voice with power to spare, yet great sweetness in pianissimo moments. Her expressive face and eyes were a great asset in limning the character visually as well as vocally, with attractive low notes as well as impassioned heights."
- WHRO 90.3 FM’s “From the other side of the Footlights" Broadcast, 03.17.13

"An agile, well-trained, pretty voice with roundness, warmth and strength, and considerable stage chops as an actress. Her Rosalba was endearing and magnetic, and expertly sung."
- Palm Beach Arts Paper, 03.04.12

"In Canadian soprano Emily Dorn, the company found a winning Semele. She sang her biggest set piece, Endless Pleasure, Endless Love, with a big, easeful voice; her Handelian melismas never sounded strained, but a natural outgrowth of her characterization. And she acted well: She was sexy, warm and believably impetuous."

- Palm Beach Arts Paper, 01.30.12

"Emily Dorn used her expressive soprano with smooth legato to movingly convey a variety of emotions in “Padre germani” from Mozart’s Idomeneo"
- The Gerda Lissner Foundation Presents Winners of the 2010 Vocal Competition, 06.03.10

"Emily Dorn was aptly cast: she is an adept comic actress, whose sense of humor seeps into her vocal phrasing."
- Opera News Online, 03.05.10

"Dorn was a voluptuous presence with a voice to match. Hers is a sizeable instrument with a warm, rich middle, a shimmering, flexible top, excellent control and no trouble at all filling the small house. Her mature, musically insightful, often exquisitely beautiful delivery was first-rate...  she is definitely a singer to watch.

- Opera News Online, 05.09.09

"Emily Dorn sang with a radiant tone, superb diction"
- The New York Times, 05.05.08